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Castlegar News in the news, September 28, 1967 ...

The following words were clipped in condensed form, from the Septembr 28, 1967 issue of the Castlegar News:

"The Castlegar district's first newspaper was the Brooklyn News, a weekly printed in Trail and distributed on the Arrow Lakes opposite Deer Park. The first issue of The Castlegar News, then The Castle News, hit the streets, or more accurately, was first put in mailboxes 20 years ago, on Aug. 7, 1947. Castle News publisher, L.V. Campbell owned The Castle Theatre and published the Castlegar paper at night in his office during the second show, and his theatre took a quarter page ad on the front page of that 1947 paper to advertise, "I've Always Loved You" and "Mr. Ace."

The Castlegar News was celebrating its 20th Anniversary that year in 1967, and the front page of the Anniversary special issue, also featured an article by a recognized local historian, Helen Dunlop. Her stories appeared occasionally in the Castlegar News for at least three decades since the mid 1950s, featuring the histories of Waterloo Landing, West Waterloo (Kinnaird), Robson, river steamers and their captains, local sawmills and lumbermen, and stories recounting the life experiences of prominent pioneer families and the earliest Doukhobor settlements in Ootischenia. John Charters' historical Reflections & Recollections, maintained a focus on local history in this newspaper for many years later. Thanks to Byng Giraud, a Robson resident and also an enthusiast, several of these pages and stories from the Castlegar News have been preserved, and shared with others.

Waterloo Was First Town on River Opposite Kinnaird ...

Helen Dunlop's Special Anniversary complete 7 page article on the history of Waterloo Landing is reproduced below, with the permission of Castlegar News 2020, just as it appeared in the paper in 1967. The article has also been mechanically transcribed to text by OCR should interested viewers prefer to read it directly. (Link)


Click photograph below to read complete 7 page article, or read a text only, transcription. (Link)


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